GourmetTouch Bakery
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Search no further. Gourmet Touch Bakery bakes the "best ricotta cheese cake"!!

This, of course, is no accident.

And I'll tell you how we do it. Ready? Good!

We start by lining each baking pan with a hand-rolled short dough crust of just the right thickness. Remember, even a small variance in the thickness of the crust can alter the results BIG TIME!

Now for the most important part, fresh Ricotta Cheese from Lebanon Cheese in Lebanon, New Jersey. When I get the ricotta cheese it is STILL HOT!! Now That's Fresh! Then we add whole eggs, sugar, heavy cream... the right stuff... and bake it for a few hours. Done!

Too many people have told me how much they love this cheese cake, it has to be the best ever! Let us make one for you!

Or, if you are feeling bold enough to do this on your own, call Joe from Lebanon Cheese at 908-236-2611, buy the ricotta and go for it!

  • Take Route 78 to the Lebanon\Cokesbury exit and go towards Lebanon
  • Cross Rt. 22 & go straight across to stop sign & make left on Main St.
  • Look for Cherry Street, Make right on Cherry
  • Go under historic railroad bridge and take a right on...
  • Railroad Avenue.
  • Joe's place is opposite the NJ Transit Train Station.
  • Lebanon Cheese is a family run business for over 75 years. Joe is in charge now and he makes the best stuff you can buy! Ricotta, Mozzarella, Impastata (for Cannoli filling).
  • Joe will sell you whatever you need to get the job done.

  • BULK ORDERS! No Problem!
  • Got Water? Call Joe! H20 to go!