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On-line Occasion Cake Order Form

How to Place an Order for your Occasion Cake

You may place your occasion cake order with Gourmet Touch Bakery in any of the following ways:

  1. Completing our on-line order form below.
  2. Printing an order form and faxing it to us at 908-647-3138.

  3. Calling us at 908-604-0600 during normal business hours.

Contact and Delivery Information

Delivery Method:
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Day, Date & Time Needed:
(ex. Saturday, March 26 @ 2:30)

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Occasion Cake Order Information

1. Select your occasion.



2. Select the style and size of your cake.
(Price shown is the cake's base price. Additional charges will apply for certain fillings and icings and are quoated upon request.)

Round cake 6" - $18 and serves 8 people
Round cake 8" - $28 and serves 12 people
Round cake 10" - $38 and serves 16 people
Round cake 12" - $70 and serves 30 people
Round cake 14" - $100 and serves 50 people
Round cake 16" - $160 and serves 80 people
Round cake 18" - $280 and serves 140 people
Eighth Sheet - $25 and serves 10 people
Quarter Sheet - $45 and serves 20 people
Half Sheet - $80 and serves 40 people
Full Sheet - $150 and serves 80 people

3. Select the type of cake.

Black and White

4. Select your filling.


Fresh Fruit Filling:

For carrot cakes we suggest Cream Cheese Buttercream filling and icing or White Buttercream which has no nuts or raisins.

Fresh fruit filling will be sold at market prices.

5. Select your icing.


6. Describe any decorations.


7. Describe any images.


8. Describe any inscriptions.


9. Add any comments or questions.

Comments or Questions: